Offensive Technologies
Technologies Offensive Alliance Matrix.png Alliance MatrixTechnologies Offensive Armor Penetration.png Armor PenetrationTechnologies Offensive Armor Penetration near Commander.png Armor Penetration near CommanderTechnologies Offensive Attack Speed.png Attack SpeedTechnologies Offensive Damage.png Damage

Technologies Offensive Damage near Commander.png Damage near CommanderTechnologies Offensive Damage per Research.png Damage per ResearchTechnologies Offensive Damage to Commanders.png Damage to CommandersTechnologies Offensive Damage to Structures.png Damage to StructuresTechnologies Offensive Damage to Units.png Damage to Units

Defensive Technologies
Technologies Defensive Ancient Expert.png Ancient ExpertTechnologies Defensive Armor.png ArmorTechnologies Defensive Armor near Commander.png Armor near CommanderTechnologies Defensive Armor per Research.png Armor per ResearchTechnologies Defensive Health.png HealthTechnologies Defensive Health %.png Health %

Technologies Defensive Reduced damage from Commanders.png Reduced damage from CommandersTechnologies Defensive Reduced damage from Structures.png Reduced damage from StructuresTechnologies Defensive Reduced damage from Units.png Reduced damage from Units

Utility Technologies
Technologies Utility Base Defense.png Base DefenseTechnologies Utility Byproduct.png ByproductTechnologies Utility Capture Speed.png Capture SpeedTechnologies Utility Diplomacy.png DiplomacyTechnologies Utility Fatality.png FatalityTechnologies Utility Heal Efficiency.png Heal EfficiencyTechnologies Utility Health Regeneration.png Health Regeneration

Technologies Utility Health Regeneration near Commander.png Health Regeneration near CommanderTechnologies Utility Recycler.png RecyclerTechnologies Utility Resurrection Time.png Resurrection TimeTechnologies Utility Tracker.png Tracker

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