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Little is known of the insect-like Cethon race to which Talo'thrix belongs. An immense and terrifying phalanx, the Cethon do not conquer so much as they devour. Able to eradicate the population of entire world in mere days, the Cethon spread like a disease across the planets of the Outer Arm, consuming everything in their path, as though driven by some unknown impetus. It is believed the Cethon share a hive mind, but it is unclear if this is part of their biological makeup or the result of their mysterious cybernetic enhancements -- the origins of which have yet to be determined.

From what little is known of him, Talo'thrix seems to be a kind of scout for the Cethon; a harbinger of destruction. Alone he scours the cosmos, seeking out new worlds upon which the Cethon may feed. Many have attempted to exterminate Talo'thrix, in the hopes that, by killing him, they might prevent the destruction of their world. None have been successful.

While in search of another world for his hive to raveage, Talo'thrix discovered a strange portal, emitting an enticing blue glow. As though drawn to it, Talo'thrix was pulled through the portal and into the Gliese system.

Though Talo'thrix is far from the Outer Arm, his connection with the Cethon hive-mind cannot be broken, and this new corner of the galaxy is rife with worlds ready to be devoured.


  • Talo'thrix Skill Icon Flurry.png Flurry (Attack Buff, Damage)
    • Talo'thrix's next attack deals bonus damage and increases attack speed for a short duration.
  • Talo'thrix Skill Icon Plague of Insects.png Plague of Insects (Area Damage, Slow)
    • Talo'thrix shoots a swarm of insects dealing damage to all enemies in a line or the first Commander hit. If the insects hit a Commander then they hitch to the target slowing it for a short duration.
  • Talo'thrix Skill Icon Tunneling Force or Deadly Tremor.png Tunneling Force/Deadly Tremor (Area Damage, Heal, Invulnerability, Knock-up, Refund, Relocation)
    • Tunneling Force - Talo'thrix burrows into the ground and becomes invulnerable for a short duration. Heals Talo'thrix for a percentage of its maximum health over a short duration after unburrowing.
    • Deadly Tremor - unburrows at target area or when Tunneling Force expires. Deals damage and briefly knocks up enemies.
    • Damaging Commanders reduces Tunneling Force/Deadly Tremor's cooldown.
  • Talo'thrix Skill Icon Pincer Slash.png Pincer Slash (Area Damage, Knockback)
    • Deals damage to all units in front of Talo'thrix and knocks them back a short distance.


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