Abilities[edit | edit source]

IconBindingVoid.png Binding Void - Area Damage, Root, Silence

Shoots an energy ball in a line that returns to Nefara and affects enemies it passes through. Deals damage and silences for s short duration when flying away, and deals the same amount of damage and roots for a short duration on the way back. The first Commander hit by this ability takes bonus power damage.

IconEtherealDrift.png Ethereal Drift - Knockback, Root, Slow

Instantly creates an energy shell around target enemy or ally that lasts for a short duration.

  • Enemy Cast: Reduces movement speed of affected target for a short duration when hit by ranged default attacks. When hit by a melee default attack, the target is rooted instead for a short duration and the energy shell is consumed.
  • Ally Cast: Reduces movement speed for a short duration for all enemies attacking the target with ranged default attacks. When the target is hit by a melee default attack, all nearby enemies are knocked away and the energy shell is consumed.
IconNexusofFate.png Nexus of Fate - Area Damage, Relocation

Deals damage to enemy units in target area and teleports all units towards target direction. Also affects friendly targets and teleports them away.

IconSingularity.png Singularity - Area Damage, Blind, Heal, Magnetize, Pull, Slow
  • Active: Drags nearby enemies in a large area around Nefara towards her. After a short duration, all enemies in the area are quickly pulled to Nefara and damaged. Also blinds and reduces movement speed of pulled targets for a short duration.
  • Passive: Nefara leaves residual energies where she dies that heal friendly units for a percentage of her maximum energy over a short duration.

Images[edit | edit source]

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