Requires Cyborg level 10
IconCredits Intergalactic Credits 2000
IconPlatinum Platinum 3750
IconProduction Production Cost 500
IconSupply Supply Cost 4
Health 330
Energy 0
Armor Type Medium
Armor 80
Vs. Ground
DPS 27
Bonus Type Light
Attack Range Short
Weapon Damage 18 (+18 to Light)
Attack Speed 1.51/sec.
Vs. Air
DPS 28
Bonus Type Light
Attack Range Short
Weapon Damage 55 (+39 to Light)
Attack Speed 0.50/sec.

Medusas are robotic air units with short range air and ground attack. Absorbs heavy damage. Uses the Blast ability to knock away smaller air units (when researched).

Abilities Edit

IconBlast Blast: The Medusa knocks away a single enemy non-massive flying unit and stuns it for 3 seconds. (15 seconds cooldown)

IconDisassembling Disassembling: When the Medusa is destroyed nearby units are healed for a small amount.

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