Requires Cyborg level 10
IconCredits.png Intergalactic Credits 2000
IconPlatinum.png Platinum 3750
IconProduction.png Production Cost 500
IconSupply.png Supply Cost 4
Health 330
Energy 0
Armor Type Medium
Armor 80
Vs. Ground
DPS 27
Bonus Type Light
Attack Range Short
Weapon Damage 18 (+18 to Light)
Attack Speed 1.51/sec.
Vs. Air
DPS 28
Bonus Type Light
Attack Range Short
Weapon Damage 55 (+39 to Light)
Attack Speed 0.50/sec.

Medusas are robotic air units with short range air and ground attack. Absorbs heavy damage. Uses the Blast ability to knock away smaller air units (when researched).

Abilities[edit | edit source]

IconBlast.png Blast: The Medusa knocks away a single enemy non-massive flying unit and stuns it for 3 seconds. (15 seconds cooldown)

IconDisassembling.png Disassembling: When the Medusa is destroyed nearby units are healed for a small amount.

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