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IconStoneBarrier.png Stone Barrier - Area Damage, Wall

Creates an impassable stone wall towards target direction that pushes ground units in its path and deals damage to all affected enemies and reduces their movement speed for a short duration.

IconShatter.png Shatter - Area Damage, Heal

Deals damage to all nearby enemies and heals Galagat for each damaged target over a short duration. Hitting Commanders has a greater healing effect.

IconReconstitute.png Reconstitute - Defense Buff, Movement Buff, Relocation

Galagat deconstructs at its current location and reconstructs at target location. When completed, Galagat also gains moement speed and armor for a short duration.

IconRockQuake.png Rock Quake - Area Damage, Slow, Stun, Wall
  • Passive: Galagat creates an impassable ring of stones when he dies that lasts for a short duration. Galagat also explodes after a short duration, dealing VOID damage to nearby enemies.
  • Active: Galagat raises a large rock from the ground that knocks units away and reduces movement speed of nearby enemy ground units in a large area. After a short duration, the rock explodes, dealing damage to all nearby enemies and stunning them for a short duration.


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