Requires Human Level 10
IconCredits.png Intergalactic Credits 2500
IconPlatinum.png Platinum 3750
IconProduction.png Production Cost 700
IconSupply.png Supply Cost 7
Health 810
Energy 0
Armor Type Massive
Armor 11
Vs. Ground
Bonus Type Normal (Area)
Attack Range Superior
Weapon Damage 30
Attack Speed 0.25/sec.
Vs. Air
Bonus Type NA
Attack Range NA
Weapon Damage NA
Attack Speed NA/sec.

Buffalos are armored vehicles with long range area ground attack. Performs best vs. structure and units of great size.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

IconTwinDragonMissiles.png Twin Dragon Missiles: Fires 5 waves of twin missiles in short succession hitting ground units in a line. Deals bonus damage to large units.

IconMinimumRange.png Minimum Range: The unit is unable to attack enemies within 5 range.

IconRepairModule.png Repair Module: Slowly regenerates health when not in combat.

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