Supernova MOBA Wiki


  • IconHellfire.png Hellfire (Area Damage, Channeling, Slow)
    • Deals damage in a cone to ground enemies towards target direction over a short duration and reduces their movement speed.
    • Blaze cannot attack but can freely move while channeling. Channeling is interrupted when casting Missile Storm.
  • IconTeamPower.png Team Power (Aura: Attack Buff, Aura: Movement Buff, Movement Buff)
    • Passive - increases movement speed of nearby friendly units.
    • Active - increases damage of nearby units and Commanders for a short duration. Also increases movement speed of Blaze.
  • IconSafeguard.png Safeguard (Friendly Target, Shield)
    • Creates a shield over target unit that instantly removes crowd control effects and reduces all damage taken over a short duration.
  • IconMissileStorm.png Missile Storm (Area Damage, Channeling, Slow)
    • Passive - periodically launches a rocket toward an enemy in Blaze's attack range that deals damage to its target. Prefers targeting Commanders.
    • Active - launches a wave of rockets that lock on up to five nearby enemies (preferring Commanders) and deals damage to them. Movement speed of damaged enemies is reduced for a short duration that stacks up multiple times with each hit. Interrupted by attack and move commands.


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