Requires Cyborg Level 10
IconCredits.png Intergalactic Credits 2500
IconPlatinum.png Platinum 3750
IconProduction.png Production Cost 800
IconSupply.png Supply Cost 7
Health 1000
Energy 0
Armor Type Massive
Armor 14
Vs. Ground
DPS 59
Bonus Type Normal
Attack Range Long
Weapon Damage 132
Attack Speed 0.45/sec.
Vs. Air
DPS 59
Bonus Type Normal
Attack Range Long
Weapon Damage 132
Attack Speed 0.45/sec.

Battleships are a Cyborg air unit with long range air and ground attack. Gains increased durability with Absorption Shield (when researched).

Abilities[edit | edit source]

IconDefenseGrid.png Defense Grid: The Battleship can attack in any direction and does not need to face its target.

IconAbsorptionShield.png Absorption Shield: The Battleship gains a shield that absorbs 200 damage and regenerates over 30 seconds when out of combat.

IconNeuralLink.png Neural Link: Cyborg units receive 2 armor penetration for each different cyborg unit type in the wave.

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